We are located near Uvalde,Texas and we manage our deer herd according to age, nutrition and genetics. Bucks scoring under 140 B&C are considered management class. Bucks scoring 140 B&C and over are priced accordingly. Don't be concerned, as we won't argue over a couple of inches. Hunts are three day packages with guide included (lodging is not included). 
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Most hunting is done by ambush in stands, but we also stalk and rattle from time to time. For management hunts, a 50% deposit is required to reserve dates. For trophy hunts, a $1000 deposit is required to reserve dates. This deposit pays for a three day hunt. A harvest fee will be charged when a trophy is harvested. Extra hunting days may be added for $300 per day. For free range hunts, a 50% deposit is required to reserve dates. 
Management Hunts
                                                                         Whitetail Hunting
Trophy Hunts
Free Range Hunts